Ms Oran: Ch 3

Here is Ms Oran chapter 3! If you’re confused then let me tell you that
I used to work for Sakicow and did webtoons there.  Later, we thought it would be
a better idea to do webtoons on my own so I’m in control of it. Yadda yadda,

Anywho, I promise to have more filling releases soon.  Since this is a new group,
I’m going to release slowly first and then later more frequently.

I’m sorry for the bad sfx placement since I’m not good at those yet.
Thanks Pop for translations! More translations = faster releases
Also I’m looking for new korean translators! One of mine was grounded ;-;

Next I shall release Ties of Compassion 33! So wait for that!

Download link.  ZIP  –Ch 1– – Ch 2

Read online link.  ZAP and ZOOP

Are you guys annoyed with the stupid words I use for download and RO links??

First Read Online link leads to the Original Naver chapter.

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  1. Excuse my derp spelling and grammar at the end. Didn’t even bother to go back to check my work. Too lazy to fix it.

  2. LurkingLeecher

     /  March 20, 2012

    First of all Thank you for release:3
    If it’s not the problem could you post download links for chapters 1&2 I think Sakicow no longer hosts it. Thanks.

  3. julie

     /  January 4, 2013

    Hi! Thanks a bunch for this series, I know it’s a hard work so I just wanted to let you know it’s really appreciated! THANK YOU!=) I enjoyed every page! But it was so long since the last release, and I was wondering if this still is an active project? Please reassure me that you not gave this awesome webtoon up! and thank you again=))

    • Ugh as much as I’d like to, I don’t have a translator for this. I can release about one more chapter thats been lying around for ages. But I really can’t commit to this one right now since I hardly keep up with Ties of Compassion and BB. Unfortunately my main goal for this year is to finish God of Bath, get back to regularly releasing Ties of Compassion and make Black Behemoth come back to life. I’m sorry to disappoint but right now my group consists of just me and two other translators lol


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