God of Bath: Chapter 1

God of Bath Chapter 1
I think this is gonna be a fun webtoon to do.
I’ll be typesetting ALL the sound effects and everything since  I
luckly found an AMAZING cleaner named Senna who works for a russian
scanlating team. Cafe of Dreams. So big thanks to Senna! 😀

You guys might be confused as to why I have 6 projects
even though the group is new.  Some of the webtoons
are projects that translators wanted me to do. In return, they’d help me other stuff.
So anyway BIG thanks to Pasta for translating this chapter!

Ch 2 will come maybe in another week or 2 since I’m
working on other projects.  Also I’d like one more Korean Translator.
I would love you forever if you could translate for me.
I’m also open to joints with other groups.

Download: SPLASH

Read Online: SPLASH and SPLASH

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  1. heehee

     /  March 25, 2012

    That’s a nice new project you got there! thanks for letting me discover it!

  2. great job 🙂 interesting webtoon. i’ll be reading it.

  3. Omo

     /  March 26, 2012

    I totally laughed out loud during this chapter. Also I love HA Il-Kwon’s work so thanks for starting this.

  4. Don

     /  March 27, 2012

    Thank you 🙂

  5. nekonaut

     /  April 4, 2012

    Thank you! I’m a huge fan of Ha Il-Kwon and I was really hoping that someone would pick this webtoon up!

    You’re the best~


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